Data science and data scientists are always enhancing and transforming to a huge extent in the coming years. With a positive growth rate, we can clearly tell that data scientist is going to be one of the best jobs to pursue in India.

You should have a proper foundation if you want to be a data scientist in India. With not much competition in this era, big companies will hire data scientists in the coming future. Many online platforms and institutes are providing this course. When you have completed the course and acquired the knowledge of being a data scientist, you can apply in big companies like IBM, JP Morgan etc.

What is a Data Scientist?

A group of people who have acquired all the necessary skills to solve the Technical Complex issue and is able to find the issues that a company may encounter in the coming future is a Data Scientist.

A data scientist should be good with mathematics and should be able to:

  • Balance the labour in the company,
  • Able to handle the IT work,
  • Analyse and manage data,
  • Converting the Digits into easy language for easy decision making for the management.

A data scientist is a data digger of the information that has to be brought forward for earning revenue and smooth flow of the company.

Scope of data science in India

As data science is considered the top profession in India to pursue, with a high pay-check. Many companies are coming up with bulk data and they are searching for a data scientist for the proper management and decision making.

Companies are no longer relying on their gut for the significant decisions and steps because of the data scientist who are giving calculated reasons before any decisions taken because it is always better to know the outcome of the decisions than only relying on your gut.

Data scientists have always delivered the results with very low-risk factor and high revenue. As we gone through the top Indian job website, more than 14000 posts are available for the data scientists in India. This profession is giving a vast showcase to the people who want to join companies as a Data Scientist. With certain growth in the statistics of this profession, we can say that the requirement will increase in the coming future in India.

Average salary in this profession in other countries

Which information from the job-seeking website per annum a data scientist earns 1,33,436 US dollar by average which is a pure indication of how important and versatile this profession is.

Salary and demand in India

Many IT companies are on a lookout for data scientist regardless of their domain or nationality.

Average salary in India Goes by 10,29,665 rupees per annum excluding the profit and bonus depending on your experience and talent.

Is data science tough to master?

It takes a lot of time and energy to Master Data science. First of all, you have to do a lot of practice and gain experience in a positive environment. Never skip any part of code and data for easy and less work time in future.

Sometimes your computer will show an error in the code snippet which will be very frustrating. You should also have a certain patience level or it can cause you some of your extra work hours.

Mastering this profession is not easy and will take huge junk of your time but it is totally worth it. It is a long-term investment you should make on yourself.

Number of data scientists in India

With the reports from the LindedIn website, about 10% of the total data scientists are there in India, With 8000 working people. If we go by the same reports USA has 40% of the data scientists. In India, there is no requirement for the scale than the total working people.

Some top names of data scientists by 2019 in India are:

  • Aravind ChandraMouli
  • Arpan Gupta
  • Muthumari s


Coming to the end of this article, it is certain that the requirement of data science is increasing every day with improved demand. Follow the information we provided above and you can also pursue this opportunity. Rest is up to your skill and dedication to the land in this profession.