In 2020, Python Programming is one of the most in demand and many multinational companies are recruiting Python developers in India. Before we directly jump into the Scope of Python in India, we should first understand what is Python Programming. 

Python is dynamic in high-level programming language produced and designed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. The Python programming language insert code readability with the main use of whitespace. It helps the users with writing clear and logical code according to the size of the project required. It first appeared around 30 years ago. Supporting multiple paradigms, functional programming and object-orientation, Python language was considered as an inheritor to the ABC language.

As we know that it was first developed and released in 1991, the 2nd  version that is python 2.0 was made public in the year 2000 with new features like garbage collection system and list comprehension system are capable of gathering the reference cycle. In the year 2008, the third version of this language was introduced. On January 1st of the Year 2020, python 2.0 was discontinued completely with only Python 3.5.X and later are supported.

Scope of Python 

As being one of the widespread coding language of this Era, Python language is mostly used for Data Science and Machine learning. Such features are the main driver of all the demand and its fast development in India.

Python Job Opportunities in India 

With popularity increased by 40.4% in the previous years, the job opportunity of the Python developers has increased in heaping digits. By learning this programming language you can pursue job profiles like:

  • Software engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Software developer

Python Developer Average Salary 

Working as a Python developer is much of a rewarding job in India. Python developer have an average salary of Rs. 4,60,000 in Bangalore, Rs 3,20,000 in Chennai etc. Salary will vary based on education, experience, technical capabilities of Python Developer.

Why Python is Popular

  • Supporting multiple programming patterns
  • Having huge number of tools
  • Having vast support community
  • Contains fewer codes
  • Better code readability design

Top reasons for learning Python language could be for high demand in market. This programming language is especially popular amongst startups. 2017 was the most hyped yeah for the Python programming language because of 2.54 growth rate than any of the programming language from 2011 to 2017.

Companies Recruiting Python Developers

  • IBM
  • Yahoo
  • Google
  • Quora
  • NASA
  • Mozilla
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • and Dropbox

Why Python is Popular ? 

Readable code:

There are fewer quotes in Python language it allows you to express your concepts with any use of writing additional quotes for stop it also enables you to use keywords in place of punctuations. It is always efficient and helps you maintain the software with no extra efforts or time.

Using vast open tools and source framework

Python programming language uses toolkits like PyJs, PyQt, Kivy,PyGTK, Py GUI and WXPython which will help you with efficient and fast maintenance and saving the maintenance cost. With even having options of open-source Python programs frameworks and tools according to your precise needs. It also helps you in accelerating desktops GUI application.

Python programming language for web development

Python language is helping the web application developer with a beautiful desktop and mobile version. Crew layouts and integrated layouts. In this Era will live in, it is very important to use the correct tools to build or rebuild your personal website for an extended application. This language takes very less time to write Syntax with clean and simple output. It is even having a built-in tool for unit test with a focus on fast implementation with Creative Solutions to stop it increases the performance of the user with the vast was provided for the web development.

As you understand there is great Scope of Python in India. Learn Python Course in Bangalore from Expert Trainers. Ria Academy is Pioneer in Python Training in Bangalore with 10+ Years of Industry Experience and 100%.