Imagine what will happen when:

  • Automatic teller machine (ATM) are not tested?
  • Your blood has not been tested by the doctor?
  • The car you drive is not tested?
  • The Mechanic has not tested your automobile?

The same has an impact on software. Industry of IT is mostly relying on two jobs namely Software developing and software testing. With thus said  software testing is among the best careers to pursue in IT field because of the Unique growth paths of both software testing engineers anon-store development engineers.

As software testing is one of the finest profession in Abroad as well as in India which can be pursued after graduating in Computer Science, information technology and communication.

What is software testing?

For improving the quality and interface of an application software testing and quality control are done.  From coding the application to designing user acceptance, software testing is done for a smooth interface.

As India is an IT developing country, the demand for software testing projects is high.

Academic criteria for software testing in India

Academic criteria in Abroad as well as in India by most of the IT company is graduation in Computer Science, MCA, BCA and B.E will help you with the job as well as with software tester easily.

But if you have not done any of the above mentioned technical course then you should be applying for a software testing course which will help you understand software development and learn other testing procedures. CSTE and ISTQB are some of the certifications for software testing.

Scope of software testing

Software Testing is heavily targeted in areas like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc in India. With consistent growth rate in software testing in India with promising opportunities and demand in software testing from websites to applications in mobiles.

Software testing is highly valued in India. There are lots of tools for software testing as the opportunities ahead are promising where the digital world is progressing in a fast and consistent growth.

Software manual testing

There are huge changes are experienced by manual software tester in the recent decade. It has now become a work of art for many implementations, businesses and applications.

Some techniques for manual software testing are:

  • Black box testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • White-box testing
  • Static testing
  • Grey box testing
  • Acceptance testing

The scope of manual software testing is very low if you are considering it as your only choice. Please check our Software Testing Course in Bangalore.

Selenium testing

Selenium testing is more expandable and flexible providing outcome-driven approach full stop job opportunities are always available for in Selenium testing for training and skill professionals.

Supporting all the browsers currently, Selenium testing is very crucial for test automation. It supports browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and many more. We offer Selenium training with placements assistance.

Skill requirements for a software tester

  • Communication skills – You should have good communication skills for team communication as well as for customer communication.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Background technical skills – you should have mastered certain coding languages. There are many types of testing skills like:
  1. Test plan schemes,
  2. Documentation skill,
  3. Project life cycle,
  4. Database concepts,
  5. Tools for testing,
  6. Knowledge of testing types,
  7. Ability to analyse requirement,
  8. Judging and analytical skills.

Remuneration and salary for software testers in India

The salary of a software tester varies everywhere from company to company. With the average salary of  4,00,000 rupees per annum for that such easy job, Software testers are also provided with certain perks like Health Insurance, gratuity, bonus etc by the company.

Certification exams

ISTQB ( Indian Software Testing qualified board ) certification level is the most basic certification in testing field. It will help you increase the possibility of getting the job you want. Although it’s not mandatory at all, but it is a Criterion to fulfil in most of the companies. You will be given more priority compared to others when you have completed ISTQB certification.


The bottom line is software testing is one of the best jobs to pursue in India as the money outcome is surprisingly good. The software testing profession’s future is always good because of the non-stop developing projects in the market